We were founded by Jie in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China in 1994, but Jie’s first “business” started much earlier: selling snacks to friends and renting books on the street in front of his house as a child. He has been working in the packaging material industry as an adult, but the design and manufacture of children’s sporting goods has always been Jie’s hobby. Because of the lack of resources and the hardships of life as a child, he hopes that every child in the world can live in a healthy and happy environment. When he grew up, he gave up a stable job and started his own business, SPORTSHERO SPORT ARTICLE CO.,LTD. SPORTSHERO’s entrepreneurial road is difficult. After experiencing various difficulties in technology, economy, sales, production, etc., SPORTSHERO has grown from a team of 5 to nearly 100 people, and has expanded from a factory of 1,000 square meters to a factory of 6,500 square meters. Customers have grown from a few countries to all over the world. Every order from customers is the greatest support and encouragement to us. On the road of entrepreneurship, we never forget our original intention and forge ahead.

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